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What is Classroom Monkey?

Classroom Monkey is an online learning platform for children learning Maths and English in the Key Stage 2 curriculum. Our content is presented by a fully qualified teacher based in Northern Ireland with 20 years experience.

Our platform is designed to be fully engaging, allowing your child to enhance their learning. Your child can learn what they want, at their own pace, via full teacher video training. For each individual topic in maths and English. The videos are followed by further explanation videos and final short, interactive quizzes.

We have created effective learning that doesn’t keep kids at the screen for long periods.

Captivating content that appeals to children:

How does Classroom Monkey Work?

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Purchase a 12 month membership for a one time payment of £45. Upon purchase your child will have instant access to all of the content on Classroom Monkey.

Your child selects an area or topic they want to learn then watches the associated videos contained within. All videos have been created in partnership with children to ensure the content is fun and enjoyable to watch, but importantly educational.

Fun Videos
Complete Area Quizzes

Once your child understands the topic a short quiz can be taken to gauge their level of knowledge. Upon completion of the quiz, results are emailed directly to the parent’s email address and available to view in the parent dashboard.

The parents’ dashboard, enables data on quiz results. This allows you as a parent to know exactly what areas, or topics, your child is excelling in or what they may be struggling with.

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Your membership includes:











5 Key Areas

Each area covers a specific section in the Key Stage 2 maths or English curriculum, supporting both the Key Stage 2 curriculum in Northern Ireland and also the equivalent curriculum’s across the UK.


Benefits of Classroom Monkey:

Classroom Monkey is exceptionally beneficial for:

CTA Family Learning Together

Learn Together

Learning with your child gives your child more confidence. It also allows you to understand how teachers explain the correct procedure to their pupils. (Not like back in the day…) 🙂 Together you will be able to understand how to apply these new skills into test and homework situations.

CTA Learning at your own schedule

Flexible Learning

Children can learn at their own pace without feeling embarrassed. In class children often fail to ask for help as they may feel ‘silly’ in front of their peers. With Classroom Monkey children can visit areas of uncertainty without any pressure, or, alternatively, strive to understand areas soon to pop up.

CTA Trusted Content

Trusted Content

The videos have been created by a fully qualified UK primary school teacher. Classroom Monkey's library supports the curriculum for primary school children aged 8 - 11 across the UK.

CTA Available on Computer Tablet and Mobile

Computer, Tablet & Mobile

Classroom Monkey is available on any internet connected computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Split up those long car journeys, by letting your child learn on the go.

What our users think:

Provide your child with all the knowledge needed for Key Stage 2

Ready to learn?

7 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 7 day no questions asked refund.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, at this point we are focusing solely on English and Maths for Key Stage 2 as these are the two most significant areas.

In the future we hope to expand our offerings to cover Key Stage 1 and other areas of the curriculum.

Yes, we would encourage teachers and tutors to use Classroom Monkey. Our videos are a great introduction to the lessons they may provide.

No, your membership is a one time payment which covers you for the length of your membership level.

The cost is equivalent to less than a Starbucks coffee each month!

Classroom Monkey is suitable to anyone, younger or older, who wants to learn these areas.